Day 3 of my 24 day challenge….

Well, I am off to the races….so to speak..

Today is day 3 of my 24 day challenge and I am feeling good. I have not slept well but after I drink my morning Spark, I am good to go until bedtime.

I have been eating real food, the only adjustment I have had to make is no gluten for the 24 days. Trying to find GF (gluten-free) foods that I want to try has been somewhat trying.

Okay…GF pretzels are life…I mean it you have to try some…

I am eating roughly 1200 calories a day and not feeling hungry for the past two days. I have a recorded weight loss already but I will hold that information until I officially weigh myself on day 10.

This program looks intimidating at first glance, but since I have begun it really comes into focus and is easy to do and to follow. A great spur of the moment meal with no guilt is a grilled chicken salad, no cheese, croutons, with low fat/sodium salad dressing.

I am enjoying my process and hope to have wonderful gains to share with you in the upcoming days..


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