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I have always been interested in health, and have been a fairly healthy person throughout my life until I hit the terrible 30’s!! I began to have health issues, and am always doing research on nutrition, supplements, vitamins and physical ways to heal my self. I know that mental and spiritual health are as important as physical health. A Holistic view of health is what I strive for, and is what I am doing. It is not easy, but it can be done!

Small changes are still changes!!

Dina Lipsey Stainbrook, BS Health & Wellness, MS Public Health


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New Beginnings

Writing a blog is something that I never thought I would be doing in a million years. Actually this is my second attempt at writing a blog, I messed up the first one and here I am making a new one. Blogs, I thought were from people who know a lot and have lived through a lot, or have a skill for a product, food or style. I asked myself why my ideas and thoughts were not worthy of a blog, and I came up with nothing. I do have ideas to share with the world, and education that allows me to bring you the truth with references!!

I also have a spiritual mind that is full and working constantly. I love to share my spiritual life and God with others. If that is not what you are looking for then you may choose to close this blog right now, or take a chance and read from someone who is not perfect, but working on my soul salvation!!