Did you know?

Did you know that your words may be the last words heard by the dying world?

Did you know that your manner may be the only manner the world sees and emulates?

Did you know that your attitude may be the only attitude others have to reference?

Did you know that your actions may be the only actions that are remembered in a time of trouble?

Did you?

Surely you know that there is power in the tongue?

Did you?

Remember that you are that person that someone else looks up to for inspiration and for a role model…

a partner…

a friend…

a confidant…

a leader…


Did you know that how you treat others may be the only example someone gets and they may be the one that has to give you your last comfort…

Did you know?

What can I say?

There are days that go down in history as wasted time..have you ever had one of those days? nah me either…

All time is precious and how it benefits us is dependent on how we perceive it.

Have you made the most of your time or have you wasted it? I feel like each moment is an opportunity to learn or experience something new. Whatcha think?

If you do not wake up each morning with a fresh set of eyes then you are doomed to repeat the same sad, manic, boring, heart wrenching, devastating day over and over..

That how you mean to live?

Fix it..

Positive Influence..

Today is a commercial break to discuss the #complimentary products that I received from Influenster and Garnier. I received curl scrunch and restorative milk for curly hair. I am really enjoying the restorative milk spray for my hair when I wear it curly. It smells good and makes my hair feel soft and silky. My curls love the hydration and light formulation. I do recommend this product.

Just stop…

Okay alright…enough…just stop…

Why do we waste our precious time that we will never get back worrying about something stupid..yeah I said the “S” word…just stupid..

I am so done with folk trying to tell me what I need to care about or be passionate about..done..

Let’s get one thing straight..to whom it may concern….YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME…..got it…..goood!

Okay tantrum over…

I am serious, so serious…media tells us to stand up, sit down, rollover..are we pets? Think about that…

What happened? When did we become servants of society? I have natural hair which was my choice, but I rocked a perm for years and was cute while doing it… I dressed like a popular kid in Jr. high through today….so what…I have always worn what I felt comfortable in, it if was not a fashion trend for others, it was for me…haha..still don’t care if I do not fit in the box…

When did we become so thirsty for acceptance..I admit I have Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter along with my blog, I am also an Influenster.. Does any of this define me? No but you sure do get some great honest opinions from me…

I had a teacher in High School..,Shout out to Julia Pittman, tell me that you become a real adult when you stop caring what others think or say about you..Some of us have not gotten there yet…

The older I get the more I am that person that says what I think simply because I am grown enough to reap the consequences. CONSEQUENCES…I said it..sure did..

It is past time for us all to get a grip..just stop..do you..be you…people will actually respect you more, but guess what?…you won’t care…


who am i?

I had a stark realization this morning…who am i?
Am I Craig’s wife…Dana’s twin…Diane’s child…

Honestly, I am not sure..wow at 46 years old I have no idea who i am..

I suddenly realized that I do not like hateful people, I do not like rude people, I do not like people who feel they are better than others, I do not like people that say one thing and do another, I do not like people that mistake kindness for weakness. I do not..I…

Times get hard and you wonder to yourself what could I have done better..most times the things you should have done are only apparent after the fact. After someone else has mentioned an idea..

It is easy to view yourself from anothers’ point of view and you often find yourself working toward meeting someone else’s expectations…so sad…what are your self expectations?

who am i?

me, i am me, I am me.. I can not and do not have time for drama or nonsense. I refuse to be a part of it…but woe to them who draw me in..

Hey…wait a minute…maybe I do know who I am..just maybe..

who are you?

Are you a Hater..

How many times have you heard that saying? Don’t be a hater…blah blah blah….


I think that you may be a hater..maybe…

Do you look in the mirror everyday and say hello to yourself? Do you say I like your hair..your clothes…you…? Hmm…let that sink in a minute…

Have you ever treated someone else so well that you secretly wish that someone would do the same for you? Hmmm….

While you do not need anyone else to validate you, you do have to be nurtured from time to time…Why don’t you do it..

You may be experiencing a case of self-hate..I know the golden rule is to treat others as you want to be treated..when was the last time you did?

I know some will say that it is better to give than receive..and yes that is true..it is..but, when do you get taken care of or given things? I don’t mean extravagant things, but little things that make you feel good (for me that would be a massage).

A simple hello beautiful or handsome is a good start. I will say that God did not mean for us to be mistreated even is the one mistreating us is us..

Find that thing that makes you smile, or grin and do it more often…of course unless it hurts others..do NOT do that…

Be kind to yourself, you never know when someone else will..

Dina (I am currently learning this lesson..)

What in the “Free” world….?

I don’t even know where to start…

So you say we are free…free from what?

Free from hate, suppression, aggression, anger, rage, mistrust, oppression….anything?

With so many people dying from brutal assassinations, weather events, prejudice, fear….what in the “Free” world…

What is the “Free” world you say? Well I am certain that when the Bible says “What God has set free is free indeed.” Do not ask me the verse, take the initiative and google it…wow..

I honestly feel like at this point in time in 2017, if we gave someone a job at a pie eating factory, there would be complaints about it..(old saying that still has relevance)!!

God told us that these things in the world would happen, and just because we know that things will happen it doesn’t mean that we are indifferent to it. It means that when we weep, cry and grieve that we have emotions, and are acting accordingly (for others)…right?

God did not give us a spirit of fear but one of power and might…repeat that in your head several times…I can wait..

Can I give you a little hint? This world climate will not get better before it gets much worse…are you prepared in your heart to cling to God for your safety and refuge? I have been in that spot for a long time now, I am still human and worry has come into play, but by the Grace of God, I know where my help comes from…

It is way past time for us to stop playing at life and start living…..

Are you free yet? People put too much stock in how the world treats them and not how they treat the world. If we all were following the golden rule, how great our lives would be…


Can I get a what…?

I am so full of something this week…

I am not worried about it, just I feel like there is so much for me to say..or share..

2017 has been very eventful and there are only 4 months to go until the start of 2018..what will be different?

Will I be different? My situation? My environment? Anything…

I know that in order for things to be different..there has to be a change in me..

A change in me..

Internal, external..either..something!


I am not soliciting advice about what I need to do, it just feels better to get that out into the atmosphere.

When people hint that things are better out than in..there is some logic to that thought. My heart is full right now and I feel like there are things, ideas, words that someone needs to hear. Who am I to stop the flow..

What is the flow you say? The flow that comes out of me is not merely me..The Holy Spirit is that flow…What is flowing from you?

Huh? God has yet given us another chance to share his love with the world, this is one of my chances.

Read Psalm 37 in its entirety. Trust me..you will be blessed.


Where do I start?

Some people are so ungrateful…no matter what you do for them….they want more and more and more……..boo

I do not like that..at all. I admit that I have had times in my foolish youth that I felt like I deserved much more than I had. Honestly, how could I expect more when I had not worked to get it..?

HaHa with age comes wisdom…really? Some of us will never get it..Things do not make the man/woman. It is what works on the inside that your worth. If you don’t believe in God, you are going to need to work that out in yourself. I love God and he has always taken care of me. He blesses me to bless others and to heal others. In this I find my worth…

I do not need anyone else to justify me…but what I do need is for grown folks to start appreciating what they have and to stop being so ungrateful. Nobody owes you anything….No one deserves to be micromanaged by you…or ordered around because you are so insecure in yourself..STOP IT!!!!

I am tired y’all…tired…

just tired..