What in the “Free” world….?

I don’t even know where to start…

So you say we are free…free from what?

Free from hate, suppression, aggression, anger, rage, mistrust, oppression….anything?

With so many people dying from brutal assassinations, weather events, prejudice, fear….what in the “Free” world…

What is the “Free” world you say? Well I am certain that when the Bible says “What God has set free is free indeed.” Do not ask me the verse, take the initiative and google it…wow..

I honestly feel like at this point in time in 2017, if we gave someone a job at a pie eating factory, there would be complaints about it..(old saying that still has relevance)!!

God told us that these things in the world would happen, and just because we know that things will happen it doesn’t mean that we are indifferent to it. It means that when we weep, cry and grieve that we have emotions, and are acting accordingly (for others)…right?

God did not give us a spirit of fear but one of power and might…repeat that in your head several times…I can wait..

Can I give you a little hint? This world climate will not get better before it gets much worse…are you prepared in your heart to cling to God for your safety and refuge? I have been in that spot for a long time now, I am still human and worry has come into play, but by the Grace of God, I know where my help comes from…

It is way past time for us to stop playing at life and start living…..

Are you free yet? People put too much stock in how the world treats them and not how they treat the world. If we all were following the golden rule, how great our lives would be…


Can I get a what…?

I am so full of something this week…

I am not worried about it, just I feel like there is so much for me to say..or share..

2017 has been very eventful and there are only 4 months to go until the start of 2018..what will be different?

Will I be different? My situation? My environment? Anything…

I know that in order for things to be different..there has to be a change in me..

A change in me..

Internal, external..either..something!


I am not soliciting advice about what I need to do, it just feels better to get that out into the atmosphere.

When people hint that things are better out than in..there is some logic to that thought. My heart is full right now and I feel like there are things, ideas, words that someone needs to hear. Who am I to stop the flow..

What is the flow you say? The flow that comes out of me is not merely me..The Holy Spirit is that flow…What is flowing from you?

Huh? God has yet given us another chance to share his love with the world, this is one of my chances.

Read Psalm 37 in its entirety. Trust me..you will be blessed.


Where do I start?

Some people are so ungrateful…no matter what you do for them….they want more and more and more……..boo

I do not like that..at all. I admit that I have had times in my foolish youth that I felt like I deserved much more than I had. Honestly, how could I expect more when I had not worked to get it..?

HaHa with age comes wisdom…really? Some of us will never get it..Things do not make the man/woman. It is what works on the inside that your worth. If you don’t believe in God, you are going to need to work that out in yourself. I love God and he has always taken care of me. He blesses me to bless others and to heal others. In this I find my worth…

I do not need anyone else to justify me…but what I do need is for grown folks to start appreciating what they have and to stop being so ungrateful. Nobody owes you anything….No one deserves to be micromanaged by you…or ordered around because you are so insecure in yourself..STOP IT!!!!

I am tired y’all…tired…

just tired..


I like socks..

One thing about me…I like socks..

I like fresh mountain air..

I like ice..to eat I mean..

I like singing…

I like babies..

I like me..

Notice what I did there…I did not say a negative thing..NOTHING…

Why do people go out of their way to be so negative about everything?

This past week just showed me that people are still harboring negative ideals about life, and expect others to go with their flow..

I refuse..

At the end of the day, I still have to live with me..I mean you don’t have too..but I do…

And until the day I am influenced to do otherwise, you will find me walking around in fuzzy socks, eating ice on a mountain smiling at babies…and at my silly realness..


Rough weekend..

This has truly been a weekend to remember..

When I finally have time to sit down and catch up with what is going on in the world..I wanna go back to work..

What is happening in our country? I see people cheering on a grown man that has the impulse control of a 2 year old with no home training.

Look up impulse control and you may just see the picture of the person to whom I am referring. I am sad that so many people are still behind this man that clearly does not have our countries best interests on his radar. I do think that when he said that he could shoot someone in broad daylight and not lose a vote…he took that literally.

If you have not been praying for our well being before, perhaps you need to go get an extra sturdy pair of knee pads and get to kneeling. I pray that God send his angels to surround us on a daily basis, and to give us peace. I have an unsettled feeling in my soul that something bad is coming.

In case you did not know, the end of the world is not a bad thing, I long to be in paradise with Jesus and my family that are already there. In Heaven there is no fear, pain, death, sickness or evil. I need that..

Man this has been a rough weekend…I had to face the fact that I am an adult…


I am so tired..

Am I the only one that is so tired of seeing people mope around acting…”acting” depressed or so bored…there are so many things in this world to do to act like you are so burdened down or heavy laden that you have a little gray cloud of despair over you all the time…..sigh..

Again, I was around a group of younger people yesterday and there seems to be always one that acts like the world is against them and OMG they may die if something doesn’t go their way…Let me say that I know depression is real, and that sadness is something that people experience that has a hold on their lives..I know that..I probably was that person when I was younger..

Boo on me to act that way when I was way to young to know the other hardships that this life had to bring….

I was depressed for a few years and I had a good reason. I have wanted babies for my whole life…I mean since I had baby dolls in the plastic cribs and strollers..wanted a baby of my own. I could not have babies, and was told if I even tried to have a baby that I would probably die….die…die…

Wow, sad was not the word for me at that time, I am suprised that my husband stuck around for my depression, it was crazy. I cried all the time, just wanted to sleep, and sadly I was so angry at God for taking away the one thing I ever wanted in my life…so yes I know depression!

However, a small still voice told me to get up and do something..anything to make myself feel better. I prayed.

And prayed, God put me in a place that allowed me to work with children and to have an impact on their lives, while still not my children, they were young sponges ready to learn how to face this life. Again, some of the hardest things I have ever had to do, dangling those precious souls in front of my face, still not my babies…

What did I do…I kept working with children, praying, breathing, crying, trusting God, and being. I was so lost for so long, I wasn’t sure that I would ever climb out of the funk I was in. I was tired of being sad..

It surely was not overnight that I got myself together..but I did realize that life is too short to be moping around acting like a victim! I prayed and asked God to put someone on my life that would make me happy, failing to understand at the time that I had to be that person…me..no one else could make me happy..but me..

I made a change in my thinking..life is certainly a much better journey and it is easier being happy than it is being downtrodden all the time..you should try it, especially if you are that person with the stormy little rain cloud following you around.

Not sure if that is you…notice the next time you are around people..do they leave, stop talking or avoid you…..you just might be..lighten up stormy…life is a one way trip…


Help me understand..


Why do we look to others to validate ourselves? Or better yet…why do we let the actions of others have a profound effect on how we view ourselves?

I have been asking myself that for years and man oh man…I am not sure I want the answer..

Last night at the gym there was a couple there that the wife was very cautious about being skin close to her husband and making sure everyone there knew he was hers….well bless her heart..nobody I mean NOBODY was looking at them anyway, but she was sure that one of the hot, stinky, sweaty women was going to jump off of a treadmill and steal her man in the middle of the gym…..really old girl…

I looked at them both and chuckled to myself…wow..hope I never acted like that, because if I did I need to go home and apologize to the Hubs..

At what stage in life do we stop being concerned about how others view us and work on how we view ourselves (our opinion is the only one that matters anyway)?

Food for thought..


Oh me Oh my…

Today I think I woke up in another realm..
Nothing seemed to go right for me..I mean at all..

The thought did cross my mind to go back home and get back in the bed and have a do over, however..

When you look for that silver lining…sometimes it shows itself…

How many times have you given up when things did not go your way? If that was the case many of us would never try, or may stay in the bed…..forever..

The realization is that sometimes the silver lining may not seem all that great…at the time…but if we wait…

Wait and however are two of my favorite words..if you noticed…

Both words mean that something else is going to happen, or that you have to wait a bit for the next thing or perhaps you need to have some patience (self-control)…maybe..

I do not claim to be in control of myself or my surroundings but one thing I can say with certainty…I can wait, however in my wait, I am content (most of the time..lol).


In this life..

Remember saying to your Mom, “When I Grow Up…”

If you could go back on those words now would you? Go back to a time when all of the pressure of being an adult was off of you and all you had to do was homework and chores…Man we had it made.

Now as ADULTS..adults… we have to manage everything, everything, everything…

What was our motivation? Being grown? Doing what I want? My way?…really? Really?

The world was a nicer place then, it was so much more what you see is what you get, by no means do I mean it was perfect and did not have flaws. It always has, but at least all of our moments were not posted on the internet for the world to see….forever…

We still have all of the same problems that existed back then, and some new ones. What surprises me is the lack in ability to adapt or acknowledge our own mistakes.

I admit, I am wrong sometimes. I can deal with that. I’m good with people not liking me. As a matter of fact if we do not have beef with each other, expect it to stay that way. But starting beef with me is not a wise notion. Just saying..

I am a faithful friend until the end…I will support you, build you up, hold you down, and show up..a real friend. A grown up friend..


Being a grown-up is something serious but one thing we have to do is to acknowledge consequences. Accept that we are not perfect, faultless, flawless..sorry get over it..

Grown ups are well versed in themselves and own their flaws and use them as character building tools to become the most spectacular person they can be. I can not dwell on the 1970’s when I was a small child. I have to focus on 2017 and all of the things that a grown person wants to do. I stand my my faith in God and my love for Jesus, my marriage, my family, others and then myself.

Being a grown-up means that sometimes you are last, and that is not a bad thing..

What do yo9u think?

Dead Man Walking…

I see dead people…….

Dead men walking and I do not mean zombies..well not the flesh eating kind..

I see so many people everyday who are so caught up in the past that they can not live in the now or look to the future. Question? What happens to a cell that does not mutate, change, expand or grow? It dies…

I see dead people..

Why wake up today determined to do the same thing you did yesterday? Did it work for you yesterday? How is it going today? I am the worst when it comes to change, but I also know that staying the same is limiting my abilities, life and life force.. I will not be limited.

Try me, and watch me step around you or over you…

I see dead people..

What do you see?