Day 5 of my 24 day challenge..

This is a good challenge… I am surely loving it and things are going good.

This is much easier than I thought it would be and my coach is wonderful….

It has not been hard to plan or keep up with my meals, however with my crazy schedule it has been hard to eat all the meals this week. Thank goodness the snacks are portable and I can eat them in the care between appointments.

The water is a non issue at this point, I have been going to the bathroom more, but with productive results. I can tell when I am getting behind on my water because I get thirsty, so I have started chewing sugar-free gum to keep my mouth moist until I can get more water. I am drinking over 15 cups of water a day (120 ounces). My skin is looking better and my hair is cooperating. I am liking this new lifestyle change.

So tonight is the first night my husband and I have gone out to a restaurant to eat, I was initially nervous that there would be limited options for me on the menu, but I was pleasantly surprised to be able to order charbroiled chicken with grilled vegetables, and Spanish rice. The meal portions are enough for three meals so I am good to go for a few days.

I had about 6 chips and bean dip (I usually can eat my weight in those), however it was easy to back away and just eat my main meal. I like how my body feels in these short 5 days, I will feel much better when I can get back to the gym (long story).

Day 10 is quickly approaching and the new phase of my challenge will be different and new for me, but that process is the way that I will continue to tighten up and keep my body healthy. My main goal in all of this is to get off of some of the medicine that I take daily. I am over it..

Stay tuned for more updates and real life as I continue this 24 day challenge..


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