I’m happy…really..

I am happy, really I am..its just that my happy and your happy look different.

I may not smile all the time or have a pleasant look on my face all the time, does that mean I am not happy?

How do we gauge happiness anyway?

Outward appearance, actions, voice tone, what?  What I really want to ask is…do we judge  others happiness by our personal standards?

How unfair is that?

We have to take others at their word…don’t we expect that from others??

It is way past time for us as humans to stop placing our expectations on others, and mind our own business,  God did not place us on earth to control others but to help them….big difference,,

Strive to make yourself happy, and take care of your mental & spiritual health…in other words, get your life in order before trying to tell others how to live…



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