This time..

This time..I will not say yes when I mean no..

This time..I will not go when I want to stay..

This time..I will not stop when I get started..I won’t

This time is for me..and I refuse to give it to you..

How often do we do things to make others happy at our own expense?

Honestly I had no clue I was doing this..or that..whatever..I had no clue..

Until I sat down and looked at my happiness to see that it is absent.. How can I not be happy about something? That is hard to answer without thinking about knowing what happiness is..I am lacking for grandiose things to be happy about and am happy about the small things pain, I’m breathing, I am not hungry, I can see, I can hear, I am happy living in me..

I may not be the happ you are, but I am the happy I am..

Now is my time…………. and this time…… I will be what I am…..

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