I think I know..

No one can tell you how you feel or how to feel. I am sure they try and convince you of things, but you don’t have to listen…now do you?

I have been a strong willed person for a long time, and cannot see that changing anytime soon…. I think I know…

As I grow older there are more and more stereotypes of women my age and how I should act… but the days of being just a ” ” or just a ” ” are over..you can fill in the blanks for yourself..

I think I know…

I think I know now what I am supposed to be..drum-roll please…..myself, I am supposed to be myself…

It has certainly taken some time, but I am finally able to be who I was born to be. I love it.. I am not set in my ways, but have finally figured out that I do not have to take the crap that others send my way… I will not..cannot…and should not be expected to…

We really need to take inventory of what we expect from others..stop placing pressure on others to meet our expectations and let them be…just be..

How do we do this you ask? I think I know….

Mind your business and things will work out for the good of them that love the Lord..

Told you I knew…

Love you, but God loves you more…

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