Stop and smell the flowers…

This has been a crazy winter…hot…cold….hot…..cold….rainy….!

As much as we complain about the rain the time is now to see why we need the rain…

All of the beautiful flowers have started to bloom and the air is fragrant with whiffs of honeysuckle. What can be better than that?

When I was younger I never understood why cut flowers died…now my thought is how long will this cut flower remain as beautiful as it does? Especially with the roots gone…

Not to be philosophical in this blog but, when compared to life, are we just cut flowers or do we still cling to our roots? Have we allowed ourselves to express all of our energy in looking pretty for others that we completely cut out what we need….roots…

Not just any roots, but our own’s blood…support…self worth…self-love…connectivity…

What the flowers need, we need….sun, rain, nutrition, time to grow and the connectivity of our roots to the earth. How do we miss the meaning of life when it is as simple as being a flower…..

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