Say what you mean..

How many times has someone told you to say what you mean…I have heard it a few times in my life, but never really gave thought to what that saying meant..

“Say what you mean”, is a plea for someone to tell their truth…not the truth, but their truth….Do you believe every word that comes out of your mouth?

I am not naive enough to think that I always tell the truth… Sometimes what you feel is right and the truth are totally different things…and that is okay. Again I say that NO ONE is perfect…

However in the times that you say what you mean, the most important person that you are being truthful with is yourself. If you tell yourself something that is wrong, and go with it so long that other ways of thinking are obsolete, where does that leave you? Unable to learn from mistakes?…closed minded…alone…?

My Mother once said that “I should die while I still knew everything”, that was a hard concept when I was young perhaps because I picked out the words instead of the meaning..It took a while for me to fully understand the meaning of that phrase, but now that I know, it is profound.

While our brains are still growing and developing we can have some pretty irrational thought, and some foolish ways, but as we grow older we should mature..should..some still haven’t..sad..

Knowing now, that I never knew everything, and why would I want to? It is okay to admit that you do not know everything but that you know what you least that is something…lol..

I would rather know a few things well than know a lot of things minimally. That is just my thoughts on it. Anyway….

How often in your day are you SAYING WHAT YOU MEAN? I have to check myself often because my filter is gone and I say what pops in my head..Most often it is truthful, I do not lie like a pro..even if it spares feelings…Sorry..

I would rather make someone mad at me than for them to believe a lie..

When you do not say what you mean…are you lying to yourself?…are you?

Why would you do that? What benefit comes from believing and making others believe an untruth? If you are ignorant to the truth that is one thing, but if you willingly and knowingly promote a lie….well..I am going to step away from that..

Perhaps you did not know before…..but now you have been told….what will you do? When will you “say what you mean”?


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