Life is so short..

I just heard about another friend from High School that has gone to be with Jesus. It is so sad that another young person was taken from us. By a drunk driver no less..

When will we learn that driving under the influence is dangerous to others and yourself. Some of us will never learn this lesson until it is too late. so Sad…

Please learn to take one day at a time….enjoy your family…loved ones….and friends..try to love your enemies.. That last one is really hard, but it can be done. Try…just try…

If we spend all of our time being angry about something or hating someone that is surely time that we can not get back. Ever…..ever.. Is that how you want to spend the days of live given you?

I choose to find joy in the small things and look at the trees, flowers, butterflies, and clouds while listening to some soul stirring music. This is what makes me happy.

Life is too short to be worried about what someone else thinks or how you are perceived by others. Too short….

When will you finally realize this is the one chance you have to live an abundant life, that does not mean riches and luxury, that means a fulfilled life that leaves a wonderful impression on others. Your legacy… What will others say about you when you are gone from this world? Nasty hateful things….wonderfully sweet things…or will they say nothing at all….food for thought today…because life is too short..

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