What was I saying…

I just may be entering that stage in my life when I forget what I am saying..

There are times when I want to say something and if I am cut off and don’t get to finish my thought…it is gone…just gone…..

I used to get frustrated when that happened and defended my age and that I was NOT getting older and needing to write things down..to remember them…

Not that it matters, but it doesn’t..nobody is perfect..I repeat…nobody is perfect..

I actually like being imperfect..makes my life so much easier..I do not have to live up to the expectations of the world..

The only expectations that apply to me are the expectations of Heaven..I can live with that..

We are as a society so concerned about what the neighbors are doing, how someone else lives their lives, and how we appear to others.. Wait..what was I saying….

Do not spend another second of your precious time thinking or giving thought to how someone else thinks of you or how you are perceived by the world…

What do you think about yourself? I bet if you spent some time making yourself happy, what others want or expect of you will become less important..in a good way..lol

I do mean that in the nicest way..sometimes what we think is more important that what others think of us..I don’t mean to be self centered or self absorbed, what I mean is to have some thought of you…your needs and concern for yourself..

As a person that has always taken care of others and ignored my needs and concerns..I was told to have concern for myself or be in need of serious medical care..I listened..

I do want to add that you have to love yourself…your internal dialogue and concern for yourself are up to you..to you..want to have more love in your life….love you and give love freely to others..want peace…be peaceful and offer peace to all, want forgiveness…forgive yourself and others, want life….live and help others live…want to be heard…speak and learn to listen….

Now….what was I saying….

God bless you..

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