What do you mean “woke”?

I have heard this word tossed around for the past few years now and I am to assume that it means the someone has taken the rose colored glasses off and are seeing the world through the eyes of someone who is aware….of what is debatable.

Woke to younger people mean that they know what is going on in the world around them, and are on to those who try to use them. I have been that way for a long time, I thought that meant that I had grown up. Sounded good…I have been told that in order to be woke, one must feel their relevance in the world and express their beliefs to everyone so that others are aware of how we feel and how we should be treated. I guess…

All I know is that being aware in this world is a must if you want to survive, and declaring our beliefs is something that has been going on for years. I do not see the need to keep rehashing what has happened especially without doing something about it. I was not born into captivity, neither was my Mother or her Mother. That is a full three generations of free people who were formed from the red clay of Burke County. So when we discuss history, it is with fond memories of our lives in the “good old days”, not the days when we had to slave to feed our families. We learned work as a skill for survival, and not something that we gave away freely. WOKE

We also went to school to learn how to function in the world and be responsible members of society. WOKE

We learned that everyone was not our friend. WOKE

We also learned that if someone took advantage of us we needed to do something about it..then not wait until decades later. No matter the circumstance something was done. WOKE

We learned to lean on God…..WOKE

Now, lets talk about that last statement. Many of the young people who claim to be “woke“, do not worship God or even think that he was the creator of all things…
What? You worship with crystals, call God by names of false gods, or even feel that you are a god and no one should, could or can stand against you. Yes we are like God and we are called according to his purpose, that does not give us God powers to trod on others. WOKE

How can we be “woke” and not understand the plight of others? You say you understand, but do you really? We are the biggest hypocrites of others and refuse to admit it. I don’t like him because of…..insert your own words here….

Don’t say you are “woke” and you don’t know who you are. Putting yourself before others is a nice way of taking your toys and going home because someone did not play by your rules..what is that…Un Woke..Slumber…Selfish…or Petty.

I can not describe how much I want to shake people who tell me to be “woke” and don’t even know they are part of society’s problem. If you are not the solution….you ARE part of the problem…Bless your heart…

Be WOKE, just be knowledgeable about what you are WOKE for and why..

I admit, I am woke…I admit it…but my wokeness is not correlated to anything I see on the news, in society, or even in my family. My awakening came when I met Jesus Christ. He let me know that everything did not garner my attention, nor should it. If I treat others as I want to be treated there are many things that are reduced to nonsense. Pray for people, and Let God handle it….WWWOOOKKKEEE…

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