I rest..

so here is 2018..

What are you going to do now?

Why wait until the first day of the year to start a new thing?

I start new things all the time and I am glad that I do not limit myself to a certain date for anything..except payday of course..

I have not made a new year’s resolution in a long time..I mean really if you need to change why not do it then..or now which ever is sooner..

I want us to let go of old things and embrace newer things that benefit us. I do not mean to let go of all of your family traditions unless they are harming you…
I love soul food, but it is not realistic for me to eat that way everyday..hypertension sucks..

But when I want some beans, taters and cornbread…rest assured I have some..

Some of the old thing we do that many of us do not do anymore are sitting on the porch on Sunday afternoon, taking a nap with our Mother’s or children or spouses, or soaking our feet and resting our eyes. I like those things and those are the things I think of when people talk about old traditions. When I look at the acts that we participated in, they were more therapeutic for the soul and body than medications or therapy.

My dream home will have a porch and a shady spot for my rocking chair, so when the weight of the world is on my shoulders I can go to my spot, pray and sing to ease my woes. God has placed us here for a short time, why are we wasting it? Why..

I like to think about retirement as a time that I can rest, but I feel like I will not be able to rest even then if I don’t change my mindset. I feel like I have worked for so long and so hard that anytime that I get a moment to myself, mini vacation for me…I rest in knowing that God has my back…I rest in knowing that trouble doesn’t last always..I rest in knowing that one day God will take me home…I rest in the fact that perfection is in the perception…I rest in knowing that I love myself…I rest in knowing that nothing is impossible with God..

I rest..

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