It is what it is..

So have you ever had a day when everything goes right? Things are so good that you wonder if you are dying, the world will end or something..

I have had those days.. I actually kept waiting for the other shoe to to speak..

Amazingly, nothing bad happened and my day went off without a hitch. Why the paranoia you say? This life is hard, and good things happening to us seem very rare. That is our mindset and I am so sorry that others feel the way I do about it…However…

It is our own perception about what is going on. On those days we are actually being blessed but do not realize it because we have taught ourselves to be responsive to the negative instead of the positive. I am saddened by this..When did we stop expecting to be happy and simply settle for the status quo? Or talk ourselves into accepting what ever crappy situation that arises…We do not have to live like this.

God says that we have not because we ask not…when are you going to ask…are you ready for what you asked for….what are you doing with what you have now…what will you think when you actually get the things you need? Will you be grateful..happy..accepting..sharing…satisfied…

I will repeat this…the world is often what we perceive it..we have to change our mindsets to enjoy, live and flourish in this life.. When do you plan on making a change? Ever?

Yes I am on my grown woman ish..

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