This week..

So this week has been different..

So my husband has Multiple sucks..not only for him but for me..

I have watched him lose function over the last few years and seen his determination to keep on living..

What I cannot deal with is…when others see him and assume that he is fine.

People with Multiple Sclerosis do not often look ill, but they are fighting to keep their bodies moving, their minds working and to reduce their pain levels. Neuropathy can be full body pain or in certain areas depending on the lesions in the brain.

I get heated when others assume he is being stubborn when he really cannot move out of the way faster or stand up and move faster..Honestly I am not the one to be cordial to rude people, but do NOT mess with my Husband..

My other half, my heart, my security is fighting a battle that I cannot imagine and I have to stay strong for him when I really want to fall apart. He wonders why I love him and stay with him, I tell him all the time that when you love someone, you are there through the good and bad…

Grown Woman ish..

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