I said it..

Where do I start..

Everyday will not be puppies and ice cream…sometimes you will have a bad day…a hard time..a rough patch…

I have had that day this week, but Thanks be to God that trouble don’t last always…

I woke up yesterday morning feeling so weak that I could not lift my head or use my hands to text my team at work that I was not going to make it into work….I would much rather work than be down..stuck in bed and feeling lousy and weak..

I woke up this morning feeling a little better but I overslept and missed my first patient…I do not like being late or not being where I am supposed to be…

Sometimes things are not meant to happen…take that in…sometimes things that we plan or expect do not happen..on purpose..

God speaks to us in so many different ways that sometimes what we perceive as trouble is actually a blessing to keep us from getting hurt, or to make us appreciate what we have. Being late for work can also be a blessing…how do you know that you missed a traffic accident or an incident that would have surely taken your life…think about that…

When I was younger there was a day that I was getting ready for work and for whatever reason I could not get anything to go right for me..the phone kept ringing, my curling iron died, my shoes kept untying, and on and on and on..it was very frustrating. I got mad, angry, pissed…yep I said it..

I finally left the house and drove like a maniac to get to work on time and I was behind every slow driving person in the world…frustrated. I yelled and had road rage…probably said some cuss words…NOT MY DAY..or so I thought…

It was like a pressure on my chest, urging me to do something…anything..

Do you know when the pressure went away? Want to guess…?

When I stepped foot into work..I was confused..why the urgent pressure in my chest while I was getting ready and driving to work..I now know that the pressure in my chest is how the Holy Spirit communicates to me..mind blown…

The day that I was rushing, worrying and stressing about things going my way…in fact things were not going Dina’s way but God’s way. It was never revealed to me why I needed to be delayed that day, but when I walked in the door to work, the pressure was lifted off of my chest and my soul was at ease….

In that troubling day, I learned to listen to the communication of the Holy Spirit for me and I also learned that when things are not going my way..perhaps God had something else in mind for me at the time..But only if you choose to listen..

Have you had situations like this in your life and blown them off…do me a favor..sit down and think about it..do you or can you re-evaluate a situation like that to see the lesson and the blessing..


God Bless you my friends..


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