In this life..

Remember saying to your Mom, “When I Grow Up…”

If you could go back on those words now would you? Go back to a time when all of the pressure of being an adult was off of you and all you had to do was homework and chores…Man we had it made.

Now as ADULTS..adults… we have to manage everything, everything, everything…

What was our motivation? Being grown? Doing what I want? My way?…really? Really?

The world was a nicer place then, it was so much more what you see is what you get, by no means do I mean it was perfect and did not have flaws. It always has, but at least all of our moments were not posted on the internet for the world to see….forever…

We still have all of the same problems that existed back then, and some new ones. What surprises me is the lack in ability to adapt or acknowledge our own mistakes.

I admit, I am wrong sometimes. I can deal with that. I’m good with people not liking me. As a matter of fact if we do not have beef with each other, expect it to stay that way. But starting beef with me is not a wise notion. Just saying..

I am a faithful friend until the end…I will support you, build you up, hold you down, and show up..a real friend. A grown up friend..


Being a grown-up is something serious but one thing we have to do is to acknowledge consequences. Accept that we are not perfect, faultless, flawless..sorry get over it..

Grown ups are well versed in themselves and own their flaws and use them as character building tools to become the most spectacular person they can be. I can not dwell on the 1970’s when I was a small child. I have to focus on 2017 and all of the things that a grown person wants to do. I stand my my faith in God and my love for Jesus, my marriage, my family, others and then myself.

Being a grown-up means that sometimes you are last, and that is not a bad thing..

What do yo9u think?

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