Oh me Oh my…

Today I think I woke up in another realm..
Nothing seemed to go right for me..I mean at all..

The thought did cross my mind to go back home and get back in the bed and have a do over, however..

When you look for that silver lining…sometimes it shows itself…

How many times have you given up when things did not go your way? If that was the case many of us would never try, or may stay in the bed…..forever..

The realization is that sometimes the silver lining may not seem all that great…at the time…but if we wait…

Wait and however are two of my favorite words..if you noticed…

Both words mean that something else is going to happen, or that you have to wait a bit for the next thing or perhaps you need to have some patience (self-control)…maybe..

I do not claim to be in control of myself or my surroundings but one thing I can say with certainty…I can wait, however in my wait, I am content (most of the time..lol).


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