What now?

No this is not about the election or the outcome..enough has been said about that..

I have a question for you…

If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would you change? Would you choose to fix a past mistake, or situation? Would you go back in time to change or alter a time in your life. I like to think that if I could go back to 17 there would be several things that I would have changed about my life, but if we could change the past what would our future look like?

I choose now to only strive to change my future. I am not wasting another second on trying to change the past it is fruitless. Life is not guaranteed to be easy or simple there are so many aspects of life that we take for granted and overlook or dismiss because we are looking at the lives and actions of others over our own.

Are we really foolish enough to think that someone elses life is better than ours? I guess it does matter when you view wealth as the only success in your life. Personally I do not have much money but I sure do have a lot of peace of mind, for that I would not trade. I have security, love, charity and forgiveness on my side and that is much more valuable than money alone.

When will we get the point of growing up or of maturing in this life, when it is too late? On our death beds? Or right now when we can do something about it! As Christians we are called to service, faithfulness, obedience, love and forgiveness. Are these things you practice daily? Weekly? Ever?

It is past time for us to make a plan to do our duties, grow up and man up…


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