I have just one question…

Why can people not stay in their own lane?

I am not talking about driving or walking or even running, I am talking about minding your own business..

Why can people not stay in their own business instead of sticking their noses into someone else’s business?

I had a moment today that almost made me lose my patience with someone who has no business pushing my buttons. Someone who clearly needs to stay in her lane and handle her business instead of mine. Why you say would someone be so foolish to do such a thing..? Simply because she is uninformed about the real risk she is taking in messing with others. Me, I mean me..

I am a nice person until I am pushed! Thank God that I grew up because I used to be a real fool! Thank you God for letting me grow up, others should thank God too..

I mean is there nothing that people will not do to mess with someones life? I advise anyone that is messing with someones child or children to think very carefully before you rile up a Mama Bear. But please understand that when you get that Mama roaring you will be injured, is that what you really want? Really? Proceed at your own risk.

I do not advise messing in others business it can only lead to hurt, harm and danger…for you. If you start it, be prepared to accept what you get. My Mama always says “pet the kitty while she is in the cage, because you do not want her to get out!”

Just a friendly reminder,
Mind your business unless you want someone in yours..


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