No Comment…

Help me out here….why can’t people listen? I really am trying to understand why someone people are bent on doing what ever they want regardless of what anyone else says. If I say, stay outside, they come inside, if I say stay, they go…..

Really trying to figure it out, I mean no one really likes being told what to do, but if your life was dependent on listening to someone who knows better, would you risk your life over something trivial? Death is not trivial, neither is life…no comment….

When you are holding someone the life of someone else in your hands, what do you do? Do you take that little bit of power you have over them in the moment, and use it to hurt or kill them, or will you be the bigger person and help them? So many people hold this power over others but lack the awareness to realize that it exists or is real. Many people die in the name of love, or from a false feeling called love…no comment…

I guess getting older has opened my eyes to so many things that, I wonder if others have to wait until they get older to understand… Or can we actually listen to someone who has gone through something, and avoid making similar mistakes?…can we? do we? should we?…no comment…

I want to believe that others are selfless, can and will do things for others, but sadly I am mistaken…Where has common decency gone? Have we given up on each other? What is really happening?

Honestly, I think I know….but wait…no comment…

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