I have never been so offended in my life..

I am so over people looking down their nose at me like I don’t matter.

I am so tired of people tying to make me feel like a second class citizen..

I am so tired of dealing with nonsense everyday that others can only begin to think about…

My dark skin and female body are not what make me who I am, the soul on the inside is what makes me who I am….

Why should how I look matter to anyone but me?

Why does how I look mean that I cannot be intelligent?

Why does how I look mean that I am automatically an angry person?

Maybe I am angry, angry because of mistreatment…

angry because of being overlooked, misunderstood, being labeled…

If you met me and I am angry, it was not because of you..

If you talk to me and I become angry, it may be you..

If I sit and think about all of the times people did not treat me fairly or like I am a human, you are damn right I am angry. Sometimes people get from me exactly what they expect..

A word to the wise, don’t ask for something and then be surprised when you get it…fully….

If I did not have God in my heart..so many people would be screwed…..My wanting to go to heaven has saved a lot of you…Thank God right now..that I am actually afraid of him….but you….NOPE, not even on your worst day and I afraid of anything you can do to me…

Y’all I am just tired…tired of having to work 4 times harder than anyone else to get a portion of what they have…just tired..

Do not disturb….I’m napping….

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