The keeper of much..

How do you know that you are the keeper of much? Is this such a thing?

According to me it is..for I am a keeper of much..

I have so much on my mind at a given moment, I had to learn to quiet my mind for fear of being overwhelmed all the time…

I have so much I need to get done to keep my life on track…

I have so much work to do to be the best I can…at everything…

I owe myself so much for making it to 48 years with only a few minor bumps along the way…

I am a keeper of much…

It is funny how we hold onto things that we think will benefit us…perhaps by holding on to things from the past we miss the opportunity to grasp things for our future…

Are you a keeper of much…? Would you know if you were? Will you seek to find out? What will you do about it?

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