Why does it seem that we often take life for granted? We wake up and assume that things will be better than the day before. We do not wake up and say I hope that things get harder for me today…but for some people that is exactly what happens. Things do get worse, or certainly not better…

Time is not gentle with some, and others seem to have everything going their way. You ask why in these situations that God does not even the playing field for everyone. Truly ease is not promised to us in this life, but in the next one if we remain faithful and true to God’s word.

Faith is something that others have in others but rarely in themselves. Have faith that you know what is best for you, and if you can’t trust yourself to take care of you….who can? Stop waiting on someone or something else to take care of you in this world and seek the ONE that controls it all.

Faith without works is dead…sound familiar? Faith is just a word if you can not apply it… Actually acting on your faith is a work, that others can see, that others can use as an example of what to do..Showing faith works is not something that is prideful or boastful, it is simply living how God wants us to and being the best people to everyone else, including ourselves.

As I sit here with my love hooked to an IV, taking medicine that changes the process and functioning of his brain, I am truly grateful that even though he may not feel the best or does not wake up everyday perfect…He did wake up. He shows me strength that he doesn’t realize he has.. I wish I could take all of the pain away, and give him some of my muscle movements, but most of all I wish that he had his independence back. This is difficult for him and I know that, but it is also difficult for me.. I operate in faith on a daily basis..that is the realness of my existence right now…

Do not take your life for granted, you can not buy back time or replace it… Operate in faith and see what God will do in your life..

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