White House with Black Shutters-Episode 6

She lives in the white house down the street. The one with the black shutters. Some pressure lifted and yet she still feels weighed down.  She stands at the window today watching traffic go by wondering what everyone else is feeling this morning. She desperately wants to feel relief but is concerned that when the relief comes…what will replace it..

She understands that in life some people do not have it easy, and she doesn’t want easy, she just wants easier…  Time seems to stand still as she again realizes that her safe haven is slowly disappearing…

She can feel the pressure on her chest and in her head telling her that something has to change.  There has to be a rally within her to keep the part of her that feels safe..but how?

She lives in the white house down the street, the one with the black shutters…  She is so very tired…but life goes on and so must she..

On her knees she stays praying to God for some relief, and quietly shouting for joy when the relief comes….if only for a moment…

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