White House, Black Shutters-Episode 7…

She lives in the white house down the street. The one with the black shutters.. Today she looks out the window at the world and wonders if everyone else feels tired..Not only physical tiredness but mental tiredness..

She wonders if everyone else simply puts on a smiley face and shows the world the person they want seen, instead of the person they really are? It must be hard to be someone you are not just so others don’t know the real you?

She is not that strong, because her emotions show through and when she is dealing with something internal, it shows in how she responds to others, but it is often mistaken for aloofness and not the hurt she really feels. The hurt that would make others cry and withdraw is a daily occurrence for her. She doesn’t want pity, but the understanding from others that everyday is not a smiley day.

She lives in the white house down the street, the one with the black shutters. Today is a new day and she looks at it optimistically. While still tired, she gives her all to take care of others.

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