Soooo… I found it…

I have been actively looking for the right foundation for my face for the past 2 years. I have purchase so many I think my husband is about to throw me out…lol..

I have been to be color checked and only one time did I find a foundation that was close to my skin color. I have deep skin with golden undertones and regular makeup made for darker skin usually has red undertones…that make me look orange…like an ooompalooompa…

I have been hearing about a new liquid foundation that supposedly has a shade for everyone…I have heard that before…and the foundation did not work. Well I saw an advertisement for Maybelline FitMe Matte and Poreless foundation at a local box store. I looked at the shades offered and thought surely I needed the darkest shade because none of the other foundations were close to being the right color. I brought home Java 375 and swatched it on my hand and low and behold it was to dark…what…..

I came home and looked up the makeup online again and looked for shades lighter than 375 and I saw 360, 355, and 368. So I decided to get shade 368 Deep Golden to see if I could mix it with the darker one for a better color. I was so shocked to see that Shade 368 matched my skin exactly!!! What?

I only paid $5.94 for a bottle of foundation that matches my skin…this may not seem like much to you but, darker skinned girls have a hard time finding makeup to fit us…

I am so happy now I can put makeup on my face for a natural look and no one can tell that I am wearing makeup, they just think my skin is really clear and luminous…well it is clear..not so luminous..but hey I am 46 1/2…

Below I will post a link that will take you to the foundation that I found, it may not be the shade for you, but have fun finding one that works for you..

2 thoughts on “Soooo… I found it…

  1. You are beautiful! You have pretty skin….wish mine was that smooth and clear! I love reading your post! #getitgirl❤️


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