I hope you are having a great Sunday..

Sunday is a day of rest…one of the only days that I get to sleep past 6:30 am and I can take a nap. We had great church this morning and the Holy Spirit was in the place. Music was on point and all is well with the world. I pray that you are having a day like mine. It pays to pray, have faith and to be an example for others. These are the things that followers of Christ do on a daily basis, not just Sunday.

Are you good to people on all days or just the days it suits you? I have a hard time being mean to others but that does not mean that people don’t tick me off…

I feel sorry for people who are angry all the time because that has to be exhausting…. I am tired enough and I do not need any other reasons to be tired.

So on this wonderful Sunday, I pray you all are at ease, at peace and resting.


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