Have I said to much..

Sometimes I feel like I have said to much..

I used to be silent..did not talk..felt my words had no meaning..

That was a long time ago..a long time..I have grown up since then..matured..become seasoned..wise..lol

I like to think I am wise anyway..

Have I said to much…

Life offers us opportunities and situations that have the potential to change us.. or fix us…or teach us…or end us.. There is power in the words we use everyday..how do you use your words? Do you tear others down? Gossip… Build someone up? Do nothing? Which is it? As a youth it was a rite of passage to talk others down to make ourselves feel relevant, but as adults we should be onto the next stage of maturity…self control….

Have I said to much…

In this day and age, it seems that the world is so self absorbed that the only person you should be concerned about is yourself..that makes no since to me at all. I mean it is cool to take care of you and yours, but screw everyone else? What is that about? I can not see how that even make sense..

Have I said to much..?

I feel like if we ever get to a time in our lives that we can operate in candor and treat others as we want to be treated, things would be better for everyone..Does it benefit us to be so cluelessly selfish?( I am making up words now…lol)

But have I said to much?

No, I don’t think I am, I feel like there are so much more that needs to be said and perhaps in a way that there is full understanding of each conversational participant, in other words, a text won’t do… We need to have face to face interaction with give and take conversations..remember those?

Have I said to much…

Now is not the time for us to be silent…now is not the time for us to think only of ourselves, now is not the time to be self centered or self absorbed…now is not the time…

Have I said to much…?

The time is now for action, work, change, understanding, and love…charity, faith, hope, and forgiveness…

Have I said to much?

I want to share a song that I listen to when I am in distress, listen to the words..play it on repeat…just listen…Oh Come To The Altar

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