who am i?

I had a stark realization this morning…who am i?
Am I Craig’s wife…Dana’s twin…Diane’s child…

Honestly, I am not sure..wow at 46 years old I have no idea who i am..

I suddenly realized that I do not like hateful people, I do not like rude people, I do not like people who feel they are better than others, I do not like people that say one thing and do another, I do not like people that mistake kindness for weakness. I do not..I…

Times get hard and you wonder to yourself what could I have done better..most times the things you should have done are only apparent after the fact. After someone else has mentioned an idea..

It is easy to view yourself from anothers’ point of view and you often find yourself working toward meeting someone else’s expectations…so sad…what are your self expectations?

who am i?

me, i am me, I am me.. I can not and do not have time for drama or nonsense. I refuse to be a part of it…but woe to them who draw me in..

Hey…wait a minute…maybe I do know who I am..just maybe..

who are you?