Just stop…

Okay alright…enough…just stop…

Why do we waste our precious time that we will never get back worrying about something stupid..yeah I said the “S” word…just stupid..

I am so done with folk trying to tell me what I need to care about or be passionate about..done..

Let’s get one thing straight..to whom it may concern….YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME…..got it…..goood!

Okay tantrum over…

I am serious, so serious…media tells us to stand up, sit down, rollover..are we pets? Think about that…

What happened? When did we become servants of society? I have natural hair which was my choice, but I rocked a perm for years and was cute while doing it… I dressed like a popular kid in Jr. high through today….so what…I have always worn what I felt comfortable in, it if was not a fashion trend for others, it was for me…haha..still don’t care if I do not fit in the box…

When did we become so thirsty for acceptance..I admit I have Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter along with my blog, I am also an Influenster.. Does any of this define me? No but you sure do get some great honest opinions from me…

I had a teacher in High School..,Shout out to Julia Pittman, tell me that you become a real adult when you stop caring what others think or say about you..Some of us have not gotten there yet…

The older I get the more I am that person that says what I think simply because I am grown enough to reap the consequences. CONSEQUENCES…I said it..sure did..

It is past time for us all to get a grip..just stop..do you..be you…people will actually respect you more, but guess what?…you won’t care…



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