Are you a Hater..

How many times have you heard that saying? Don’t be a hater…blah blah blah….


I think that you may be a hater..maybe…

Do you look in the mirror everyday and say hello to yourself? Do you say I like your hair..your clothes…you…? Hmm…let that sink in a minute…

Have you ever treated someone else so well that you secretly wish that someone would do the same for you? Hmmm….

While you do not need anyone else to validate you, you do have to be nurtured from time to time…Why don’t you do it..

You may be experiencing a case of self-hate..I know the golden rule is to treat others as you want to be treated..when was the last time you did?

I know some will say that it is better to give than receive..and yes that is is..but, when do you get taken care of or given things? I don’t mean extravagant things, but little things that make you feel good (for me that would be a massage).

A simple hello beautiful or handsome is a good start. I will say that God did not mean for us to be mistreated even is the one mistreating us is us..

Find that thing that makes you smile, or grin and do it more often…of course unless it hurts NOT do that…

Be kind to yourself, you never know when someone else will..

Dina (I am currently learning this lesson..)

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