I like this..

I did not have doubts that a lifestyle change was something that needed to happen for me, the hold up was me..

I guess I am resistant to change so much that I have not been willing to make a positive change or any change to what I was doing.

I am glad that I made the change, and will probably make more changes in the future. The one thing that tops it all is that I was ready for the change. Ready is a small word with very big implications. Ready means that you are willing and able to accept what will come. You ready?

Don’t get me wrong I have had foods that I wanted, with little guilt, but I also listen to my body about how much is enough. I had brownies, pizza, chocolate, cookies (gluten free) and I have wanted a milkshake, have not had it yet, but I am looking forward to having one.

I am not giving up the things I like but I am simply choosing the right times to have them and making it count when I do. I have not been hungry for a long time, and my blood sugar is within normal range, my blood pressure is good and my breathing is better.

I have been praying more, singing more, relaxing more and smiling more. Did the dietary lifestyle change do all of that? Probably not, but it sure didn’t hurt.

Picture on the left is before the 24 day challenge and the one on the right is a few days ago..I am still a work in progress…oh and yes that is a brownie in my hand….

Do you feel a change coming on?

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