Not so random thought…

Have you given any thought to how many people look at you in a given day? I do mean random strangers, family members, friends and yourself?

What do you see when you look at yourself? Most importantly, WHO do you see?
Do you see someone that is full of life, happy, fearless, easy going, or someone that is at war with the world?

Do you even care?

I have always chosen peace, but in choosing peace understand that a bit of war was involved. War with myself does count. What am I willing to live with? What am I willing to change? What am I willing to stand my ground on? Have I had enough, or can I make the best of a bad situation? I go through these thoughts on a daily basis and there are times when I do not want to adult, but I have too. It is absolutely necessary for me to make decisions that improve my well-being….

What will be the legacy you leave this world? One of war or of peace? One of intelligence or of ignorance? One of deep thought or rash decisions?

God is my defender, I do not fight my battles alone..
Are you still an army of one?

Sister in Christ

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