God Provides…

God and I have conversations that are so clear at times.. I do ask myself am I special because God talks to me? Or do I hear him because I want too.. Do you hear God?

I have had several things on my mind for the past few months and I have been talking to God and waiting for a response. I finally heard him last week.. I woke up and heard the words in my head, Ask for someone to make you feel grateful, ask for someone that makes you feel happy and pray for someone that makes you feel appreciated. I did not realize that I needed those people in my life.

I actually just ask for ┬ápeople to have what they need, to be safe, fed, loved, treated kindly and to know that God loves them. I never thought of praying for the types of people that I need in my life….for me. So that day I talked about praying for the people I need in my life and witnessing to others.

Not until I sat down and really thought about it did I realize that the person that I was praying for was me. I mean I am to be the person that I prayed to God to send into my life. I need to spread happiness, be grateful and to appreciate myself. I honestly do not do those things on a regular basis, but it does make sense.

The things I do for others makes me happy, I also feel very grateful that I can do for them the things they need, and I can see the appreciation in their faces, but I need to appreciate the fact that God chose me to be their helper. There are a lot of I’s in this blog, but sometimes you have to know your worth.

I do know my worth, but it is hard to see the benefit day to day when it seems that no one can see the good you do, which doesn’t matter, but you certainly want others to see God in you and your life.

This walk in life is not easy and I have prayed many times for God to help me. I also heard him say a few days later that He Provides…
Great is thy faithfulness the hymn pops into my head and I sing it while I am driving. I hear the words, and I believe it, God Provides.

He has provided me the desires of my heart, and the things that I am still waiting on, they are coming. Faith without works is truly dead.

I believe that, and sometimes I need to be reminded that God Provides, and our faithfulness needs to be strong.


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