I did not believe…

Okay first off, I would not suggest this unless I tried it myself…


This is not my recipe, I got it from Youtube……


So, I ran across a video that said, “grow your hair overnight!” Of course I was skeptical and was like….umm yeah right..

So what the heck I decided to try it. Well, yall, it worked…! Not as much as on the video I watched by my hair has grown..FOR REAL….

My hair started to thin and was not growing as fast as it has in the past so I was looking for any help in getting my hair to grow, so I began to look for natural remedies to help my hair grow. My diet already included Biotin, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar pills, and plenty of water. So I decided to try something applied to my hair, and scalp. The recipe is simple and affordable.

First you apply aloe vera juice to your scalp or use fresh aloe straight from the plant to your scalp. Then mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (melted), 1 tablespoon of black castor oil, and one vitamin E capsule(pierced) in a small plastic bowl and mix well. Then you apply it to your roots, hair and ends. Then massage your scalp for about 5 minutes, using your fingertips not your nails. Wrap, braid or secure hair in a cap to keep it protected and sleep with the mixture on your hair.

In the morning wash the mixture out of your hair and condition and style hair as usual. I noticed hair growth right away and in the last few months that I have been using this mixture my hair has probably grown about 2 inches. Me being different, I make a larger batch and keep it in my bathroom to apply to my hair several times a week for a leave in conditioner. Cannot hurt… If you want to see a video on hair growth over night go to Youtube and do a search.

Do Not, I repeat DO NOT believe everything you see on some of the videos, read the comments and see how many people have viewed the video. I knew I could safely try this on my hair because all the ingredients are safe to intake orally. That Bachelors in Health & Wellness comes in handy sometimes.

I am on the verge of trying a new formulation to thicken my hair on the top it consists of coconut oil, an egg yolk and honey. I will start this process this weekend. Stay tuned for the outcome…It may be exciting….lol


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