I challenge you…

I just can’t….

What I really mean is that I will not….

I absolutely refuse to sit by and watch people disregard common sense things. I have always thought that people, well most people should have a level of common sense. Man was I wrong. I have seen so many things in the past few days that make me doubt if common sense is really common.

People hurting each other, stealing from each other, disrespecting each other and flat out telling lies on each other. I refuse to say that it is the way of the world but it is not. It is true that our world is getting hard to deal with, and most people with common sense only make it worse.

If you can sleep at night or with your actions at the end of the day, perhaps you have some common sense or have simply become accustomed to being duped. Which is it? I can only see the world through my eyes, no one else.

What can we do about it, or do to change our world? The only thing I know is for us to pray, and to pray without ceasing. If you do not believe in God or his gracious ways, perhaps it is time for you to believe in something bigger than yourself. I challenge you to try God, I challenge you to try yourself!

There are still good things in this world, but we have to seek them, it is unlikely that they will fall into your laps. Is it really common sense to think that the desires of your heart will just be handed to you?


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