What did she say?

*********Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, nor am I encouraging anyone to do anything with this blog other than to explore your health! This post is not meant to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical situation or illness****

Now getting that out of the way…

Have you ever heard of a bile salt? I had not until yesterday. I was interested in what this particular thing could do for someone. Okay let me start by saying that I have been watching videos from physicians on Youtube about body types, and how to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. I was a little bit skeptic listening to all of the information provided by these physicians, none of whom seem to ever have been overweight or sick a day in their lives. But something started to stick with me….

We take medicine to help us feel better and end up taking other medicine to fix the side effects of the first medicine..What in the world. I always knew that it was a vicious cycle of medication, side effects and health. It is just that I took off my rose colored glasses a few years back, and thankfully I lost them..

I am a type 2 diabetic for the last 6 years and since I began taking medication for my diabetes, I have eaten more sugar than I care to mention, much more than I consumed before the diagnosis. How is that possible you say? Well…when you are not a sugar fiend, take a diabetes drug, and try to adjust your diet to consume less sugar, you really only succeed in craving more cupcakes..(well me anyway). Are you seeing the cycle I am talking about?

Several of the physicians that I watched this week talk about a low/no carbohydrate diet, higher protein, and fat diet that can help to reverse diabetes and the need for medication. My question is, how realistic is it that we should spend our entire lives avoiding carbohydrates? I know that I need some blackberry pie at least once a year, some ice cream and cupcakes (my full weakness). Carbohydrates are not only things that made of refined sugar, but foods that our bodies process into sugar. That sugar is often burned as energy quickly, or stored as fat. Do research for yourself.

I made a plan to reduce the carbs in my diet, to boost my protein, and to look at placing more healthy fats into my diet like coconut oil, nuts, and real butter. Yes I said real butter, it is much better for you than margarine or butter substitutes. Again, I say do the research for yourself.

Check out this interesting link

I am currently doing extra research on Bile Salts and will let you guys know what I find out..


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