Somebody pray for me…

Oh my goodness.. What in the world is going on? I am so done..done I said…done…

Now that I have that out of my system, what’s up good people?

This has been that week…you know that week that makes you tired, bone tired…

Nothing in particular happened but everything just drains the life force out of you and you feel like you are made of lead…that is me..right now…

The weather is finally cool, the beautiful sun has been shining there is a crispness to the air and the trees are starting to change to their fall colors..sigh…

Life is good but it can still make you tired! I have been thinking about why I am so optimistic and seem to never be down, please understand that is fully Jesus, Dina is a super brat that wants things her way…I admit it..

My inner peace has grown so much in the past few years that I would be a patient somewhere if I did not have it. Peace is on my left wrist in ink that reminds me to find mine in pinch. I love that I love peace, and our world has very little peace right now. The upcoming election has us all up in arms, and many more forgetting their home training to support the candidate of their choice.. Because this my blog, I can say what I feel about it so here it goes, I can not respect a man that makes a play for his daughter, nor can is stomach someone who lies! Are either of them prefect, NO, am I perfect, NO! One thing I can say is that one of the candidates is cool under pressure and the other will get up blown up with his hate filled speech and brattish ways..I’m Just Saying…

No matter what happens in the future remember you are responsible for your inner peace, work on it, find it, keep it close..


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