I need some ice-Physical Health..

Physical Health is an important thing we work on each day..Today, I need some ice..

OH My Goodness… the thermometer outside is reading 93 degrees but it truly feels like it is over 100 degrees with a hot wind. I know right now I can not go to hell because I can not take this hot heat…

I need some ice for my drink, my foot tub, my ice pack, and anywhere else that I feel like I am going to spontaneously combust. I go on record to say that I do not like hot weather, I am more of a fall, spring type of girl. However, when it is hot outside there are several things that we need to do different!
1. we need to drink more water
2. wear sunscreen
3. wear a hat or some type of sun shade
4. eat more vegetables and fruit
5. eat lighter meals
6. take a break from the sun
7. be mindful of your children and limit their time in the sun
8. if you get too hot, seek shelter, drink cool water, or take a cool shower to bring down your temperature (aids in slowing heat stroke type symptoms)

Things you can do to survive in the heat are more than the numbered items above, and take just a small amount of common sense to follow.

We need to drink extra water in the summer and winter because of the extreme temperature changes. Water is a great insulator and regulator in our bodies and is a necessary thing for our brains to work correctly.

Sunscreen is not just for fair skinned people, dark skinned people also need to be cautious of sun exposure, and wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer and sun spots.

A wide brimmed hat is a wonderful thing to have in the summer as shade for your face, neck and chest. Many different types of wide brimmed hats on the market, and in many different colors and styles. I have a fold up hat that I carry in my car for anytime I want to meet nature.

Vegetables and fruit are full of water and simple sugars, both are things needed to keep your body moving and functioning in extreme hot weather. Add as many non-starchy vegetables to your diet, and fruits (citrus, berries, melon, grapes, etc…) to have a balanced diet, but to add extra water, fiber and simple carbs to your diet.

Eat lighter meals in hot weather to prevent sleepiness, bloating and upset stomach. Salads with a lean protein are great meals, pasta with a light sauce and lean protein with a side salad is another great example of a light meal. If you feel useless and loaded down after eating a huge meal, perhaps thinking about a light meal the next time.

Take a break from the sun! The sun can be overwhelming at times, and with so many people having low vitamin D levels, just know that it is okay to take a break from the sun. Stay on the porch, under the shade tree, go to the mall, take a ride in the car or go in the house for a few hours. Early morning sun and late evening sun are much better choices than midday and early afternoon sun, which is often very strong.

These suggestions apply to children, pets and the elderly as well as those with special needs. Be mindful of how your family is effected by the sun, and act accordingly.

Be aware of the signs of sun stroke!

Stay educated on how to keep yourself healthy in the hot days to come..


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