Give me a minute…Spiritual Health

I am having a moment today.. A real moment.. When I woke up this morning the sun was shining, the breeze was cool coming from my fan, and my hair cooperated today. But in the midst of all the good things there was this niggling feeling that something was wrong. I began to think on what it could be and I became irritated at an acquaintance from church. The more I thought about her the more aggravated I got.

Now why does she irritate me do you ask, just because! Seriously though, she gets on my nerves because she is the type of person that wants credit for everything and for people to give her praise all the time, but she feels like she can talk down about other people when ever she wants. Now to me that is a foul attitude to have, and I of course want to speak to her about it, but I am being good.

The real reason she aggravates me is because she is saying things about me that are not true and she needs to be corrected. I know that Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek, but he did not expect us to be someones punching bag or doormat. I refuse to be that, and it is sad that others want to protect her precious feelings while mine get stepped on and dragged. Please understand that I am a full grown woman with a mind of my own, and I will speak to you about how I feel! I am aggravated so much that I have been thinking about leaving the church I attend and looking for another church. (I DO NOT CHURCH HOP). Of course I want to have a kind word with her, but I know that as long as she has certain people in her pocket it is useless, however I have something she does not have, I have Jesus and he convicts me when I start to feel froggy. I thank him for that and a lot of other folks should too.

My spiritual health is very important to me, and is one of the reasons that I can live my life without conflict. Granted there are times when conflict is in my face, I am able to handle those situations with a level of grace and forgiveness in my heart, again I am not a punching bag or doormat. God has truly helped this sinner with a short temper to mature into a woman with a longer fuse and a more eloquent way with words that tell you about yourself without using curse words. I Thank God that I have grown up and am able to counsel others on how to take control of their spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health.

The next time you get aggravated and are not sure of the cause, research yourself and find the cause, that is the only way you are going to be able to move past this type of situation. Remember that if someone makes you angry they have a level of power over you! Fix that, and take back your power!!



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