Spiritual Health-Pour out your oil…

What is your spiritual health like today?

Spiritual health this week comes from 2 Kings chapter 4! The story is about a widow that was down to her last item of worth in her household. Elisha instructed her to use her last item to pay off her debt. With an unending faith in God that last item stretched so far that the widow and her son were set.

The preacher this morning Minister Dana Lipsey really brought a word from the Lord this morning. The item the widow had left was a vessel of olive oil. Elisha instructed her and her son to gather as many empty vessels or jars from their neighbors and to pour oil into each vessel until it was full. Her faith in God allowed that oil to run until there were no more vessels to fill.

God laid on the Ministers heart that the vessels were those in the world who do not know God, want to know God or are trying to reacquaint themselves with God. Pouring out the oil into others is when we share our testimonies, life stories, and triumphs! Think of the hard times in your life that you never thought you would get past or make it through? Did God leave you in that spot so that you can be a blessing to someone else?

Spiritual health is much more than you being able to pray or to find a solution in the higher power you believe in, it is in teaching, sharing, and explaining your faith to others. I know tat I have said before that, “God made me strong for a reason!” He truly did, and as I sat there listening to the sermon today it became even clearer to me what I need to do in my life. We all face some difficult decisions in our lives and are often upset because things did not go according to our plan. That is where we make our mistakes, God’s plan is the ultimate plan that we must be diligent to wait for. Waiting is not easy or fun, but is necessary.

In the political climate of 2016, we need God to be present in our daily lives, we can clearly watch the news and see the horror and destruction in our land. Other than prayer vigils for victims and their families, what are God’s children doing about it?

Many think that all we do is pray, and that is further from the truth.. We do pray but we also teach, share, stand up and fight for what we believe in, the thing is we fight for what God has ordained us to fight for, and not for what others feel we need to fight for. We can not serve the world and God. When the world says to kill, God says to love! In love many things are accomplished, like understanding, fellowship, forgiveness, and growth. As men and women of God we need to have the mind of Christ in our interactions with others, not our hot headed ideas of justice.

We need to let God fight our battles!! I repeat we need to let God fight our battles…!!

From a place of love I am sharing this message with you today, and I hope that you will hear God’s message through me, this is me pouring out my oil!!

Pour out your oil into others and share what God has given you..


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