Be Sure…

Sometimes I wonder where the ideas that pop into my head really come from…

I can have some of the strangest thoughts cross my mind..especially when I need to concentrate or focus.. I suspect its just my love of daydreaming that gets the best of me…

What happened to the days when our lives were full of daydreams and hope and wonder of what was to come…why did we stop thinking like that? I mean I know the answer, we grew up, have responsibilities and work. Some of us work so hard that we even interrupt our sleep with thoughts of work, and agendas….boooo..

I still live inside my imagination sometimes, especially when I am purposefully taking a rest…which I do on a regular basis. I need me time…If I don’t get it…it is hell to pay for everyone else.

Anyone who follows me on my social media have seen pictures that I have shared from a coloring app I downloaded. I have always loved to color and agree that coloring is mind freeing and relaxing. It is not just a kids activity. It is not childish, it keeps your mind working and sharp as well as encouraging you to use your eyes and mind together to create something spectacular. That is the type of self worth that keeps you healthy on the inside. I like that..

It is not hard to make me happy, and most of the time I am happy because of me. I am super silly, I laugh at myself, I have a different perspective on life than others, you see I have had a near death experience and came to understand that there are not many things that slow me down, because I know who my God is and that he sent Jesus to save me, Heaven is my home, so when I close my eyes here I will be in Glory. In this I am sure and I am not afraid. I cannot look at the world as a big scary place and be afraid of sharing myself with the world. I know who I am, and what I have to share…knowing this does not make me better, proud, or boastful…it simply makes me sure..

Be sure..

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