Give back the ball

Do you remember the old saying “keeping the ball in your own court?”  I have always thought that was a silly saying. Never game much thought to it until this morning.  I was thinking about how self centered we are as a race, how we must have what we want, and get it now…YOU KNOW ENTITLED…


Keeping the ball in your own court can be described in many ways, such as: minding your own business, handling your own business, fixing your situation and controlling things around you…notice how I said you, and your….

There are times that it is so easy to put our ball in someone else’s court instead of staying in our own.  Such actions only tend to get us in trouble, embarrassed, or told off.  Give the ball back….

When people need help and don’t ask for is appropriate to help them and see them through certain situations…but that is just them…not solve it for them…Give the ball back…

When others place themselves in our court and mean us no good…quickly give the ball back..  Like the busybodies of yesteryear…we have busy bodies in 2018 that stalk people on social media, always have something to say about someone else, and impart their will into others lives unnecessarily..give them the ball back so they can get back in their own court.  It does not profit us to always be about someone else and never be about ourselves….

I like that…I will help you but don’t expect me to make your world a bed of roses while mine is full of thorns…Not to be misunderstood…but…if I am to be any benefit to someone else I need to handle my own business…right?

I wanted to title this blog, give me my ball back…but it had a negative vibe to it, instead I wanted the title to incite a choice..a willingness to have some responsibility in the situation…hope that is how this came out..



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