I need a minute..


What day is it? Did I miss something? Honestly I was asleep..I mean resting my body and mind…not unaware..

Why is it in 2017 that people still can feel like they can deceive everyone and get away with it…huh? Are you serious..

Why with globalization (look that up if you need too) do we feel that everyone with access to the internet do not see and understand what is going on? Do your dirt but admit to it..I mean we all saw it..

Now..when you put all of your business on the internet and share it on social media for the entire world to see despite your privacy settings..someone one saw you..

When, why, how, what? Negative begets negative, is your whole life negative? Do you never see or experience anything positive? Ever? This is when you need to check yourself…

I checked myself a long time ago…If negative comes out of me please understand that it is not unfounded..probably propagated..and requested..

I do not like negative out of me..it is honestly too much work and wastes too much precious energy. Positivity is everything..

If you don’t know a positive person…be that person..


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