I forgot..

How could I forget to breathe?

I do not mean deep cleansing breathes or deep breathing or even a good exhale..I mean a regular breath, one that I take hundreds to thousands of times a day..but I did..

Metaphor much? Well yeah…

Life has been passing me by for the past few months and I have just been sailing along and missing it all. There have been many important things that have happened since the beginning of the year and yet…somehow…I..missed..it..

Sheesh! I do not want to turn back time, but there were plans and ideas and concepts to put into play, and I did none of those things, I became a robot that went to work, came home and re-started the same day over and over and over and over..what is wrong with me..is this what being a responsible adult means? Huh?

Man, I have to change something.. and soon..

It is the middle to end of the month of May 2017 and I have virtually nothing to show for this year, not sure if that is a good thing or not.. I have to take it because again, I can not turn back time, nor do I want too.

What now? What change can I make to fix my life right now? I mean there is nothing wrong with my life except it is forgettable..am I forgettable too? Boooooo…I do not like that thought at all, but forgettable is acceptable…right?

I forgot..

Man I need a vacation…


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