Day 22 of my 24 day challenge

I want a piece of toast…but I will not do it. One day I may break down and buy some gluten-free bread and having me a good piece of toast with butter and jelly, however not this week.

I love bread, especially nutty bread, but the fact that my stomach has gone down over 5 inches due to no gluten…I can pass…

I have really learned a lot about myself the past 3 weeks, and there are somethings in this life that I can live without. Bread, red meat and mashed potatoes.

Now having said that I will not give up my sweet potatoes, that would be a fight. But they taste great with splenda or stevia on them instead of white sugar. I have found many substitutes to some of my favorite foods that are good. And when you think about the health risks and disadvantages that come from eating some of the unhealthy food choices, some of these alternative food items are pretty damn tasty.

I encourage you to make that change in your life that you have been thinking about making for the past few years. What do you have to lose? Some extra pounds, a lower cholesterol level, lower blood pressure, better sleep, a tighter body?

I cannot make you change, but I can tell you what is changing for me…I feel better, I’m cute, I’m fun to be around….oh wait…I was those things before so perhaps the change was not for the inner me and simply for my body and health….yeah…that’s right…my outside is catching up with my inside…


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