I need a drink..Overall Health


When we feel thirsty, our body has come to a point where it is in need of something, most likely water or some other beverage. We do thirst for things other than water! I thirst for peace, understanding, love, closeness, happiness, rest, and life…

To thirst ultimately means that we are lacking something in our day to day lives, I know that I continually thirst for Christ. I know some of you do too. Do you know how to quench your thirst for things? If it was as easy as grabbing a glass of water to quench our thirsts how many of us would keep a drink handy or have to go seeking one?

When I sit in solitude, it is in those moments God reveals the things that I need to quench my insatiable thirst, and when I am acting on my own understanding that is when I am so thirsty my body begins to act as though it is being controlled by another version of Dina, but not the Dina that has the right thing in mind. Ever feel like you have something figured out, but remember that you did not ask God to guide you in that situation? All of a sudden things begin to go wrong or not the way you planned. I am guilty of doing this all the time because it may be a small situation, God is not interested? NOT true, God is always interested in the things we do no matter how large or small.

Right now we all are thirsty for peace, understanding and in doing the right thing for our families, our country and ourselves. How many of us have sought God to help us with these matters? Are we sending up non specific prayers about future outcomes or are we really asking God for what we need? I admit I am guilty for non specific prayers, but there are times when a very specific prayer comes to mind and I talk to God about it. He is my only hope, and he advises us against putting our faith in men.

Pray with me: God our father, we thank you for entertaining our prayers, and hearing your people. We are at a time in our nation that we are verge of a major decision that will change our lives . We need your help to make the right decisions about our futures. Reveal to us your will, and what you need us to do to make it come to fruition. God we love you and we know that you have all power in your hand, and we also know that you love us and you want us to depend on you. Thank you for giving us a mind to run on and in not giving us a spirit of fear. God we also thank you for your forgiveness for the things we do that are not pleasing in your sight, and the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. We come before you as humble as we know how, striving to not be be down trodden by this world or the problems we face here. God your children want to come home to Heaven. I know I do. I thank you for receiving this prayer in Jesus name. Amen!!


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