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Mind Body Spirit

Through the ages, people have been in control of their mind (thinking), body (physical) and spirit (Soul) on different planes and with different expectations from each. However as we have grown and matured as a people we have come to understand that we must embrace all three as one to be a healthy entity.

The spirit is the part of us that commune with God, and is the piece of us that goes to be with God after we transition from this world. Yes, the soul and the spirit are one in the same. Our soul is the fundamental part of us that is actively speaking to God, and actively listening for his response, and when we are not in tune with our soul, are we really truly hearing God?

How do I get in touch with my soul? You have to learn to quiet your mind, and look inside your soul/spirit to seek the peace that you need. Your mind can be full of stressful things, emotions, worries, or random thoughts that keep you from abiding with God and a peaceful spirit/soul. Your body may hurt, ache, be sick, or refuse to stay still long enough for you to find inner peace. While the mind and body are things that can be calmed, it will take practice to be in control of yourself and work on uniting the three aspects of you that rule your life.

One option is to set aside a time to sit, lay, recline or stand quietly keeping your body still, in a pain free position for increasing amounts of time until you can sit for up to 5 minutes at a time. Then begin to work on your mind, while sitting quietly try to clear your mind and work up to having a quiet mind for up to 5 minutes. The soul is easier to work with when the mind and body are at quiet peace. Understand that this is an ongoing job, and it may take weeks or months to work up to 5 minutes. However, when you do, the joy of being able to talk to God, and listen with a clear mind for his response is AWESOME.

Indulge me a minute and let me give you my testimony about how a quiet mind body spirit changed my life. I worked a very stressful job for over 19 years, my mind full of stress, pain, hurt and aggravation. I could not sit for 1 minute without negative thoughts clouding my mind and preventing me from praying and worse being able to receive God’s answer. I took up meditation and began to learn how to quiet my body and mind; I had to pre-meditate to begin to meditate. Meaning I needed 15 minutes of trying to get by body calm enough to correctly attempt to meditate because I was so distracted and impulsive. After two weeks of attempting to meditate, I finally began to get the hand of meditation and my body began to feel better about sitting still, and my mind came into compliance and those distracting thoughts began to stay on the outside of my mind and I was in control of how they affected me. I then began to pray to God very simple prayers at first and worked hard at listening for his quiet still voice.

About three weeks later in my still mind, I asked God what I needed to do to fix my life, and he responded very promptly, quit your job and go work with children. I did and it was the best thing I ever did. My stress level was almost gone, and my health improved. I began to feel like a real person, I was able to keep my line of communication with God open on a new level that still benefits me today. It is so much easier to hear God when you stop moving, talking, complaining long enough to listen.

Do not be afraid to work on your spirit, it is truly the vessel that we commune more effectively with God through. Meditation is a different way of praying, and your mantra can always be God Is Love.


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