Have You Tried…

Have you tried living?

Not as easy as it seems, especially in 2021. The decisions that we have to make daily are and can be overwhelming to anyone. However, if you are just coasting through life with no plan or course, do you..

Personally, I like to know what may happen and take care of issues as they spring up, and meet obstacles head on. I admit, I do get frustrated at times and have to slow down before I let my emotions get the upper hand. That is what being an adult is and a lot of people don’t have a clue…

There are a lot of decisions in life that we have to make just for ourselves, if others choose to do something different, okay..we all have our own consequences.. Real adults accept those consequences and don’t place the blame on others when things don’t work out. Right?

I love how people say that they have done research and know better, but will not believe someone who actually wrote the research. I know that some people do not respect advanced educational degrees or life experiences as research quality knowledge, but at some point, we have to believe in something…

Have you tried…

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